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SLA Surface

​The SLA process is the world's leading and most widely used dental implant.
The SLA process cleans all the residue from the aluminum after the sand blasting process with aluminum oxide, destroys bacteria and gives the implant complete cleanliness.
The process gives the implant better bone absorption by combining different sized grooves, To ensure the growth of the patient's bone after the implant, we know the optimal size of the dimples in the implant.
The SLA process is known as the primary basis of implant quality,
The process is performed when the implants are immersed in a special combination of high temperature specific acids.
Many studies show that implants survive 98.8% with a 5-10 year follow-up and no inflammatory reaction coupled with faster healing time.
At Dental Solution Factory, we offer you a choice of the world's most advanced dental processes in combination with the finest materials.

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